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My cousin commissioned me to create an image of the 1921 lynchings in Norlina, North Carolina involving two men; one of the murdered men was a distant relative, James Alfred Williams. I accepted the proposition without hesitation. The unfortunate story of the lynchings began with 10 cents worth of rotten apples and ended with  Plummer Bullock and James Alfred Williams, shot to death and then hung in the dark woods.


The drawing I created using graphite and colored pencils depicts two bruised and rotten apples as the focal point, vividly drawn amongst ominous black and gray trees to depict the troubling start and end. This piece will forever resonate within me as a heartbreaking reality that should never be forgotten or silenced. I'm so honored for the opportunity to pay homage to Plummer Bullock and James Alfred Williams, Norlina's strange fruit.

Bad Apples to Strange Fruit

  • These art prints are considered extremely high-quality and archival print products. Each print is hand-signed with Artist Signature on the back of the print. The original artwork was photographed professionally to ensure maximum reproduction and optimum detail.


    Some colors may vary after printing.

  • Please allow 2 weeks to process your order.

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